The Customer Care Academy

The Customer Care Academy is designed to provide valuable educational and coaching resources for companies seeking to significantly enhance their customer service operations by delivering a memorable and magical customer experience. These programs will be of special interest to contact centre managers and supervisors who want to take their teams to new levels and bring out the “best in the best.”

While the programs will have some clearly defined themes and objectives as shown below, we also recognize the importance of tailoring these to each company’s individual needs and current circumstances. Consequently, the pricing is based on what is best for you in terms of duration, content and number of people involved.

Start saving your customers today

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Making The Right Impression On Your Customers – Every Time

Do your people make the right impression on your customers every time?

  • Help polish the content, structure and performance of the team to better guide emotional decisions when dealing with difficult and challenging customer service issues
  •  Introduce, develop and practice real play scenarios that can bring the user to life with opinions, emotions, feelings and a voice.
  • Apply these principles to  help your people gain invaluable insights and skills they can draw on  to define or reenergize your Customer Experience strategy
  •  Boost the confidence and performance levels of your team
Bringing Your Inner Customer to Life

Unleashing the Power of your Positive Personality

Most of us want to help others and come pre-wired with an attitude and a caring side that is ideally suited to achieving that objective. But often organizations want to actively discourage any personal feelings or emotions from creeping into their employees’ activities. We believe that you need to encourage and build on these natural feelings and attitudes and get your employees to Bring Your Own Attitude© to work and let it loose on your customers, fellow employees and anyone within hugging distance!

Aimed at contact centre advisers this program will help you:

  • Draw on your reserves of empathy & understanding
  • Tune in to your customer & turn up your performance
  • Put your spotlight on enlightened productivity by:
    • Increasing customer retention
    • Improving customer satisfaction
    • Actively engaging influencers
    • Crafting the customer experience