White Paper: Changing Channels

Tune into your Customers before they turn you off!

Today’s customers are impatient, fickle, have much higher expectations and are increasingly vocal about being forgotten in long phone queues, let down by poor web sites, and misunderstood by uninterested or seemingly powerless customer service agents.

As a result of this fast changing customer landscape, some companies are trying to integrate their systems, improve their processes and educate their people to adopt a customer-centric approach to address this. However, many haven’t yet reached the stage where they have properly managed to harness these important but different elements, in a way that allows for a truly joined up or “holistic” view of the customer.

I introduce and explore the 3 key strategies for successful multi-channel customer engagement and look at the companies that have made this a success.

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White Paper: Customer Experience isn't Working - Yet

Four Principles for delighting your customers

Customer experience continues to be top of mind for many senior executives, is usually on their boardroom agendas and can pay huge dividends, but for many companies it isn’t working – Yet.

One of the main reasons is that businesses need some fundamental principles in place before they start the journey. I look at what these principles are and how successful businesses use them to drive their customer experience.

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White Paper: Artificial Intelligence, An Introduction - What Every Customer Experience Professional Should Know

This white paper is an introduction to the world of AI for customer experience pros written by a group of passionate CXPA members from around the globe. It is a high-level guide intended to demystify AI technology and arm CX professionals with the basic knowledge needed to begin an AI business journey. The guide is intended to answer questions like: what does AI mean? Why is it important to understand? How can AI fit into my organization? What are the challenges and best practices for implementing AI?

The authors of this whitepaper chose examples, resources, books, and case studies based on their own professional experiences, extensive research, knowledge of AI, and their experiences with the application of the technology in various business settings. 

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Learn the 4 key principles for delighting your customers and transforming the fortunes of your organisation